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9 to 4 Mondays - Thursdays
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Weekend drop-offs may be available at select times and locations. If you would like to schedule a Saturday drop-off, you must call the lab before the end of the business day on Thursday.

Weekend drop-offs are not guaranteed at all locations.

In the News

The EPA intends to strengthen the Lead and Copper Rule.  Find out more here.

Maryland House Bill 270 requires all Maryland schools serviced by a public water system to test all consumable water fixtures for elevated lead.  Click for more information from the Maryland Department of the Environment.

The Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) monitors public water systems for the presence of PFAS.   Click for more information on PFAS and what the MDE found.

Property Manager Audience

Intro text geared to Property Managers

Clean water is one of our most important resources.  Water from private wells does not go through the same regulatory protections as it does in public water systems.  Homeowners with private wells are responsible for ensuring their water supply is protected and safe to drink.  The EPA recommends that homeowner on private wells test their well annually to ensure the water is safe.

In addition to testing your well for bacteria and nitrates annually, check with your local health department to determine if your area may be at higher risk of specific contaminants.

Well water is also prone to high levels of minerals which can cause aesthetic problems.  Chlorides and low pH cause corrosion problems.  Iron, manganese, and hardness cause problems like staining, noticeable taste, and scaling.

Packages for Property Managers: